Be patient.

We'll get there. We'll find our way home. ❀


procrastination is my only talent

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Kate Beckett, “Death Gone Crazy”

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“I think you’re exceptional. You’re smart, you’re strong, you’re an asymmetrical thinker. I see bigger things for you.”
“Who says I want bigger things?”
“Practically everything about you screams it.”

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spencer’s sweater game >

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"Katycats put your pinkies in the air and promise me we will never break up"

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"I don’t want an apology, Castle. I just want to understand."

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Never stop hoping, need to know where you are, but one thing’s for sure, you’re always in my heart..(x)

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3x15 | 7x01


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take that, frosty.

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I mentioned earlier today that, out of the blue, I realized that Serbian girl I went to high school with was Stana Katic. In case someone doesn’t believe me, I dug an old yearbook out of my basement.

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